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Physical therapy

Starting with a comprehensive evaluation, the team of physical therapists at North Suburban Orthopedic Associates, Inc. will help you develop a personalized therapy plan designed to ensure the best recovery outcome. We’ll work with you one-on-one through the rehabilitation process, and train you to reduce the risk of re-injury. Our highly trained team of expert clinicians is qualified to treat a wide range of diagnoses.

Our physical therapy treatments include:

Aquatic therapy program

• Aquatic therapy programs

• State-of-the-art facilities and equipment

• Custom orthotics fabricated in one hour

• Kinesio taping for tissue support

• McConnell taping for patellar problem, arch problems and postural correction

• Decompression traction for relief of back and neck disc dysfunction and nerve root


• Back and neck education and exercises for postural alignment

• Sports conditioning

• Work simulation stations for lifting, pushing and pulling

Our Aquatic Therapy Program is held at the newly renovated therapeutic pool in the Malden YMCA, a facility offering ramps, railing, and warm water temperatures. Our licensed team will personalize an aquatic program for your specific condition, and you’ll be furnished with a written program with pictures for your individual therapy. Some of the conditions successfully treated with aquatic therapy include arthritis, joint replacement, fibromyalgia, spinal fusion, and herniated discs. Please consult at one of our clinics before beginning your program; swimming skills aren’t necessary to benefit.

Physical therapy

One-on-one rehabilitation services

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